Birch Hill Cemetery In Fairbanks Alaska

Birch Hill Cemetery In Fairbanks Alaska

Birch Hill Cemetery In Fairbanks, Alaska

One of the largest cities in Alaska, Fairbanks is located about two hundred miles north of Anchorage along the Tanana River.  Overlooking Fairbanks is the Birch Hill Cemetery and it provides an excellent view of the city. The cemetery was built in 1938 as a secondary option to the Clay Street Cemetery.  There are sightings of ghosts and it is believed by some to be haunted by the spirits of children.

The full bodied apparition of a young boy has been seen wandering about the cemetery.  It is believed that this boy is from the early 1900s based on the type of clothing he is wearing.  This apparition is often seen just wandering around the cemetery as if looking for someone.  He does however, have company.  The most famous ghost of Fairbanks, Alaska, also resides in this location.  A young girl is often seen wandering through the graveyard wearing a white dress.  Witnesses say she is also dressed according to early 1900s fashion. She is commonly referred to as The White Lady of Birch Hill.  She was reportedly photographed on one occasion by paranormal researcher Jessie Desmond.

A few visitors to the cemetery have spotted a small dark figure floating just above the ground moving about the cemetery as if it were looking for something or perhaps playing.  Shadow figures have been known to be malevolent spirits, however there have been no reports of anything torrid happening to those witnessing this dark spirit.

The ghost children of Birch Hill also seem to possibly take another form.  There are witnesses driving along Chena Hot Springs Road who look upon Birch Hill and see strange glowing orbs hovering the air above the cemetery. Sometimes, hovering, sometimes moving, seemingly dancing around, and some say they seem to radiate light. Could it be that these orbs are the spirits of the young children playing around?  Perhaps so.

It may be that these youngsters are victims of the 1918 influenza epidemic that hit Fairbanks.  Many died being isolated in the Arctic with lack of medicine when the epidemic struck.  No matter how they died, they wander in death among the grave markers, perhaps searching for a life they never knew.

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