Skagway Alaska’s Goldrush Cemetery

Between 1897-1898, Skagway, Alaska was a lawless town, described by one member of the Northwest Mounted Police as “little better than a hell on earth.”

Fights, prostitutes and liquor were ever-present on Skagway’s streets. The Gold Rush Cemetery holds the graves of a number of colorful characters from Skagway’s heyday including Soapy Smith, buried with a simple wooden gravestone off in a corner, and Frank Reid (who shot Soapy), whose 7 foot monument erected by the townsfolk boasts an epitaph that reads, “He gave his life for the honor of Skagway.”

Gold Rush Cemetery In Skagway Alaska

Historic Gold Rush Cemetery In Skagway, Alaska

Ella Wilson, a resident of Skagway’s red-light district, is also buried here and her epitaph reads, “She gave her honor for the life of Skagway.”


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Here is a video montage of Skagway Alaska’s Goldrush Cemetery  that focuses on some of its most prominent residents:

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